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The website “https://allformen.net/como-aumentar-el-espacio-de-la-pantalla-de-tu-xiaomi/” appears to offer guidance on how to increase screen space on Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi smartphones boast stunning displays, but maximizing that real estate can significantly enhance your user experience. Whether you crave more breathing room for multitasking, a more immersive gaming experience, or simply prefer a cleaner aesthetic, this guide equips you with all the tools to unlock the full potential of your Xiaomi’s screen.

Why Maximizing Screen Space is Important?

There are several compelling reasons to maximize screen space on your Xiaomi:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Extra screen real estate allows for more content to be displayed simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial for multitasking, enabling you to view multiple apps side-by-side or keep an eye on important information while working on another task.
  • Immersive Entertainment: A larger viewing area translates to a more captivating experience for watching videos, playing games, or browsing photos. Every inch counts when you want to truly get sucked into the on-screen action.
  • Improved Readability: Expanded screen space often allows for increased text size or the ability to display more lines of text at once. This can significantly improve readability, especially for users with visual impairments or those who prefer a larger font size for comfort.
  • Minimalist Aesthetic: By minimizing bezels and maximizing active display area, you achieve a sleeker, more modern look for your phone.

Default Screen Settings on Xiaomi

Out of the box, Xiaomi devices run on MIUI, a custom user interface built on top of the Android operating system. MIUI offers a variety of built-in customization options for the display. However, some settings might be hidden or require additional tweaking to achieve maximum screen space.

Android and MIUI Modularity

The beauty of Android lies in its inherent flexibility. MIUI further expands on this by offering additional customization options specific to Xiaomi devices. This combination allows you to fine-tune your phone’s display settings to your exact preferences.

MIUI Customization Options

Here are some key areas within MIUI that allow you to maximize screen space on your Xiaomi:

  • Display Size: This setting, often found under “Display” or “Display & wallpaper” in your settings menu, allows you to adjust the overall size of elements on your screen. Reducing the display size effectively increases the usable screen area.
  • Navigation Bar: Xiaomi offers options to customize the navigation bar, including the ability to switch from on-screen buttons to a gesture-based navigation system. Removing the navigation bar entirely frees up valuable screen real estate at the bottom.
  • Notification Bar Transparency: Increasing the transparency of the notification bar allows the content underneath to peek through, creating a more seamless look and effectively utilizing more screen space.

Steps to Increase Screen Space https://allformen.net/como-aumentar-el-espacio-de-la-pantalla-de-tu-xiaomi/

Now that you understand the importance and underlying functionalities, let’s delve into the practical steps to maximize screen space on your Xiaomi:

  1. Navigate to Settings: Open the Settings app on your Xiaomi device.
  2. Locate Display Options: Depending on your MIUI version, the display settings might be found under “Display,” “Display & wallpaper,” or a similar category.
  3. Adjust Display Size: Look for an option labeled “Display size” or “Text size and display size.” Here, you can choose a smaller display size to increase the available screen space. Reducing the size might make text slightly smaller, but you can always adjust the font size independently for optimal readability.
  4. Customize Navigation Bar: Go back to the Display settings or search for “Navigation bar” or “System navigation.” You’ll likely find options to switch between on-screen buttons and full-screen gesture navigation. Opting for gestures eliminates the navigation bar entirely, maximizing screen space.
  5. Adjust Notification Bar Transparency: Look for an option titled “Notification bar & Status bar” or similar. Here, you can increase the transparency of the notification bar, allowing content behind it to show through and creating a more expansive feel.

Taking Advantage of Display Options https://allformen.net/como-aumentar-el-espacio-de-la-pantalla-de-tu-xiaomi/

Some Xiaomi models come with additional display options that can further enhance screen space utilization:

  • Hide Notch or Punch Hole: If your Xiaomi has a notch or punch hole for the front-facing camera, some models offer the ability to hide it virtually. This fills in the black space around the camera with pixels, effectively increasing the usable screen area (although content might be obscured in some apps).
  • Change Screen Resolution: While not as common on all models, some Xiaomis allow you to adjust the screen resolution. Lowering the resolution frees up processing power and can even improve battery life, but it might result in slightly less sharp visuals.

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Optimizing Apps for Expanded Screens

Certain apps might not adapt perfectly to the increased screen space. Here’s how to address it:

  • App Settings: Many apps have built-in settings that allow you to adjust the interface layout or zoom in/out. Explore the app’s settings menu to see if such options exist.
  • Force Fullscreen Mode: Some Android devices, including certain Xiaomi models, offer a “Force fullscreen” option in the app info menu (accessed by long-pressing on an app icon and selecting “App info”). Enabling this can stretch the app to fill the entire screen, although it might cause unintended visual glitches or layout issues in some apps.

Advanced Customization with Launchers https://allformen.net/como-aumentar-el-espacio-de-la-pantalla-de-tu-xiaomi/

For power users seeking even more granular control, third-party launcher apps provide a world of customization possibilities. Popular options like Nova Launcher, Lawnchair Launcher, and Action Launcher allow you to:

  • Adjust Grid Size: Increase the number of app icons displayed on each home screen page, effectively utilizing more screen space.
  • Change Icon Size: Reduce the size of app icons to squeeze more onto each page.
  • Hide Dock: Eliminate the app dock at the bottom of the screen, freeing up valuable real estate.
  • Custom Margins and Padding: Fine-tune the spacing between elements on your home screen and app drawer for a more streamlined and spacious look.

Reverting Changes and Additional Options

If you ever feel overwhelmed by your customizations or want to go back to the default settings, most options can be easily reverted within the Settings menu.

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Additionally, exploring other areas within MIUI might reveal further customization options specific to your Xiaomi model. Searching online forums or communities dedicated to your particular Xiaomi device can often unlock hidden features or advanced tweaks for maximizing screen space.

Physical Enhancements and Accessories https://allformen.net/como-aumentar-el-espacio-de-la-pantalla-de-tu-xiaomi/

While software tweaks are powerful, there are also physical enhancements to consider:

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protectors: Opting for a thin, high-quality tempered glass screen protector adds a layer of protection without significantly hindering the viewing area.
  • Full-Screen Cases: Certain cases are designed to minimize bezels and offer a more “all-screen” experience, although they might offer less overall protection compared to traditional cases.


By following these steps and exploring the various customization options available within MIUI and third-party launchers, https://allformen.net/como-aumentar-el-espacio-de-la-pantalla-de-tu-xiaomi/ you can significantly increase the screen space on your Xiaomi phone. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also improves productivity, immersion, and overall user experience. Remember, the ideal setup is subjective, so experiment and find the perfect balance between screen space utilization and personal preference. Enjoy the expansive view on your Xiaomi!

FAQs about https://allformen.net/como-aumentar-el-espacio-de-la-pantalla-de-tu-xiaomi/

Will maximizing screen space affect battery life?

Not necessarily. Lowering resolution can improve battery life, but other customizations might have minimal impact.

Can I hide the notch on my Xiaomi?

Yes, some Xiaomi models offer a virtual notch hiding feature that fills the black space around the front camera.

My apps look weird after maximizing screen space. What can I do?

 Check the app’s settings for layout adjustments or zoom options. You can also try forcing fullscreen mode (be aware of potential glitches).

Are there any risks involved in customizing my Xiaomi’s display?

Generally, no. Most changes are reversible, and lowering resolution might even improve performance.

My Xiaomi doesn’t have a “Force fullscreen” option. Any alternatives?

Third-party launchers like Nova Launcher often offer more control over app scaling and full-screen behavior.

Is a full-screen case a good idea for maximizing screen space?

 It depends. Full-screen cases offer a more immersive view but might compromise on overall protection compared to traditional cases.

 Where can I find more advanced customization options for my Xiaomi?

Explore online forums dedicated to your specific Xiaomi model. Users often share hidden features or advanced tweaks for maximizing screen space.

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