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Introducing Liborio Bellomo Net Worth In 2024!

Due to the clandestine nature of organized crime, gauging the net worth of figures like Liborio Bellomo is nearly impossible. However, his journey from alleged childhood roots in Sicily to the position of boss within the notorious Genovese crime family offers a glimpse into a life steeped in criminal activity.

Birth and Immigration:

Details surrounding Liborio Bellomo’s early life are murky. Born on January 8, 1957, some sources suggest Sicilian origins with immigration to the United States during his childhood.

Family and Upbringing:

Information regarding Bellomo’s family and upbringing remains scarce. However, his father, Salvatore Bellomo, was reportedly a soldier in the Genovese family, potentially influencing Liborio’s path.

Entry into Organized Crime:

Joining the Genovese Family

By the 1970s, Liborio Bellomo is believed to have joined the Genovese crime family, one of the “Five Families” of the New York City Mafia.

Rise Through the Ranks:

Bellomo’s rise within the Genovese family was swift. By the 1980s, he had reportedly earned the position of capo, signifying leadership within a specific crew.

1996 Racketeering Conviction:

Bellomo’s criminal trajectory faced a significant setback in 1996. He was arrested and convicted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) facing charges of extortion and even alleged involvement in mob murders. This resulted in a 10-year prison sentence.

liborio bellomo net worth

2011 Charges and Dismissal:

Following his release in 2006, Bellomo allegedly resumed his role within the Genovese family. In 2011, he faced renewed legal challenges with charges of racketeering and extortion. However, these charges were ultimately dismissed.

Position in the Genovese Family:

Despite the legal troubles, Bellomo is believed to have retained a position of power within the Genovese family. He is often identified as the current boss, leading the organization.

Law Enforcement Scrutiny:

Despite the lack of recent convictions, Bellomo remains under law enforcement scrutiny. The secretive nature of organized crime makes it difficult to definitively track his activities.


Liborio Bellomo’s story exemplifies the shadowy world of organized crime. While his net worth remains unknown, his journey highlights the potential for significant wealth accumulation through illegal means, alongside the constant threat of legal repercussions.

FAQs about liborio bellomo net worth

1. How much is Liborio Bellomo worth?

Due to the secretive nature of organized crime, Liborio Bellomo’s net worth is unknown.

2. When was Liborio Bellomo born?

Liborio Bellomo was born on January 8, 1957.

3. What is the Genovese crime family?

The Genovese crime family is one of the “Five Families” of the New York City Mafia, a notorious organized crime syndicate.

4. Why was Liborio Bellomo imprisoned?

Bellomo was convicted in 1996 on Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) charges, including extortion and alleged involvement in mob murders.

5. What is Liborio Bellomo’s current position in the Genovese family?

Bellomo is believed to be the current boss of the Genovese crime family.

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